5 more iPad apps for lawyers

Previously, I wrote about five iPad apps lawyers might find useful. (Okay, four of them were useful and one was just for fun.) To some extent, TrialPad, Things, OmniFocus and OmniOutliner are obvious apps that many of my fellow lawyers have heard of—especially TrialPad. (Keep in mind that there are two kinds of iPad-toting lawyers out there: techies who don’t hesitate to dive into the app store, and non-techies who may still be learning what their iPad can do.) Today, I’d like to introduce you to five more apps that you may or may not have heard about.
  • AppAdvice helps anyone keep up with the fire hose of new applications being released every day. The editors at AppAdvice try to look for the better apps and offer news from the iPad and iPhone world. The app is $1.99 and more than worth it.
  • iAnnotate PDF is the power tool for working with PDF files. It integrates nicely with DropBox, and is simply indispensable for lawyers. You can annotate, highlight, scribble, and do plenty of things with your PDF files. The app is on sale for a short time at $7.99, and then it will go back up to its regular price of $9.99.
  • DropBox makes moving files between your computer and iPad a snap. The basic service is free (once again, as in free beer) and works quite nicely. You have a folder on your computer named DropBox, and anything you put in it is uploaded to the cloud where you can also access it on your iPad. There are some products (such as OmniOutliner for iPad) that don’t use DropBox, but they are not in the majority.
  • iCardSort is a brainstorming app based on a simple concept. If you think back to the days of yore, many of us were taught to record our research and ideas for a thesis by writing down items on index cards. We could then organize the cards into some kind of meaningful order or groupings. iCardSort does exactly this. The interface looks like a wooden desktop, and you create cards that look like Post-It Notes. Each card gets an idea, and then you can move them around on the desk to your heart’s content. The price is $5.99.
  • Fast Calendar & Tasks (aka Calvetica) serves as a terrific replacement for the iPad’s built-in calendar app. While Apple’s calendar app is nice, it has one major flaw: you have to do an awful lot of tapping to put something on your calendar. After you type in the event name, you still need to tap a button to set the date (which involves some more tapping) as well as to set the time (yet more tapping). Calvetica reduces the number of taps beyond typing in the event to a mere handful. Its striking red and white color scheme and use of the Helvetica typeface makes this easy to look at as well. It takes only $2.99 to make your calendar easier to use—how many lawyers don’t want that?
There are still plenty of app suggestions (and some ones to avoid) in the queue, so be sure to check back regularly. If you’ve found a great app, please share it with us by leaving a comment.

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