iPad Apps for Lawyers presentation materials

This past week I spoke on a panel of attorneys and consultants about mobile apps for lawyers and law firms at the Indiana State Bar Association Annual Meeting. Much to my dismay, I learned that the written materials I submitted didn’t make it onto the flash drive given to attendees. Somehow, the materials didn’t make it onto the web page either.

So, to help anyone who might stumble across this post after attending the presentation, here are the written materials I prepared.

Overall, we had a very good panel discussion. Kranti Kambhampati and Cindy LeClaire of Web Perseverance opened my eyes to the next wave that lawyers will need to confront: mobile apps for attorneys/lawfirms and the need to have .mobi web sites. Derrick Wilson showed that the Android platform is no slouch when it comes to mobile apps for attorneys. Steve Terrell proved that there are plenty of apps for the iPhone that are useful for lawyers in the office and on the road. (Steve also proved that evening that he shows no mercy on the go-kart track.)

I used my time of the presentation to demonstrate TrialPad. (I probably sounded like a shill for the company, but I’m nothing more than a huge fan of this app.) I think a couple people in the audience were more than impressed by TrialPad’s abilities.

For the next couple of weeks, new posts here are unlikely as I’ll be cramming some work in before leaving for vacation. I will continue to keep my eyes peeled for new useful apps and share more information that may be of interest.


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