Low-tech gifts for the person who has everything

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I thought it might be worthwhile to help you with a gift for that person who has everything. We all know one or more of them (we might even be married to them). Instead of banging your head against the desk trying to come up with an idea, why not encourage that person to accept a charitable gift instead?

There are two charities that I happen to favor that you might want to consider.

NothingButNets.org is dedicated to getting mosquito nets into Africa. Every day, people in Africa die of malaria, a disease carried by mosquitos. Ten bucks will buy one net and get it delivered to a child or adult. Mosquito nets drastically reduce the chance of a person contracting malaria, and it’s hard to think of another instance where your ten dollars can actually prevent a death.

charity: water works to get clean water into people’s lives. Every week, 30,000 people die of diseases caused by unsanitary water. Ninety percent of those deaths involve children under the age of five. A single well in a remote village can make a huge difference in the health of its residents, and no child should have to drink filthy water. Over one billion people—that’s one in eight of us—have no access to clean, safe water. I’d like to challenge readers to raise enough money ($5,000) to fund a single water project that will benefit 250 people. Use this link to donate, and hurry—we have only 91 days to do it. http://mycharitywater.org/lawyers4cleanwater


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