Best iPad app of 2011 for lawyers

This past year has seen a lot of great apps for the iPad, but one stands above them all: TrialPad. I’ve written about TrialPad before, and nothing has come along that changes my mind. If your law practice involves any kind of courtroom work with witnesses and exhibits, you owe it to yourself to look at this app. Even if your practice doesn’t involve the courtroom, TrialPad provides a very useful set of tools for presenting documents to clients. I know I’m using it more and more as a tool for carrying digital copies of large file folders (including sub-folders) home with me at the end of the day.

The only weakness I see in this app is that any annotations I might want to make for myself (such as a note to remember to ask a witness about a specific line in the document) is not automatically saved. The annotations I want to save can go into the “hot docs” mode, but then they are also visible to the witness and jury. It would be great to have a “lawyer’s eyes only” mode for annotations, highlighting, etc.

Still, even without that feature, I’m sold on TrialPad. There are competitors out there for the iPad, but I haven’t seen or read anything that tells me I should jump ship.


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