Cool app for iPhone photos

Disclosure: The maker of this app, FlashPowder, LLC, is a client of mine.

Normally I wouldn’t hawk or shill for a client’s product, but this is cool enough that I thought it worth bringing to your attention.

Many of us use the iPhone as a primary, everyday camera. With the iPhone 4S having an 8 megapixel camera, it’s hard not to pull it out when a photo moment arises. Still, having photos on a phone or even an iPad isn’t quite the same as having prints. You can print them out on your color printer, but they usually look like they came off of an ink jet printer.

Enter FlashPowder. This app lets you browse your photo library, find a shot you’d really like to have in a high quality print (to give as a gift, frame, etc.), and order that high quality print right from your phone. The company gets the order, prints it to your specs (4×6 to huge canvases are available), and ships it to you. The idea is brilliant, and I’m surprised no one had thought of it before.

The app is free, and the printing rates seem reasonable to me (but then I have limited knowledge in this area, so I defer to your judgment). Again, this is a client of mine so assume there’s some possible puffery here. I hope, however, you’ll check it out and decide for yourself.


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