iOS 6 battery charging delays?

Since updating my iPad (3rd generation) to iOS 6 earlier this week, I’ve noticed something odd: it seems to take a very long time to fully recharge the battery. My cursory Google search hasn’t turned up anything online about this, but since my wife and I have both noticed it, I have to wonder if something is amiss.

Anyone else run into this? I know a lot of folks are saying iOS 6 is draining batteries quickly (which could be part of the recharging delay), but I haven’t noticed that problem.

Regardless, I’m liking what I see in iOS 6. Hopefully I’ll have more to say on that soon.


5 thoughts on “iOS 6 battery charging delays?

  1. I just updated my iPod yesterday to IOS 6 and plugged it in last night to charge. This morning I noticed that that it was less than 50% charged. This is for sure a glitch in the new IOS.

    1. After spending some time on it, I think I’ve found two things that help. First, in Settings, it can be a good idea to turn off notifications you don’t need and to turn off location services for apps that don’t need them. (Of course, you’ll also want to make sure you’re checking mail manually or at least not often automatically, adjust the brightness level, all the usual “old” tricks to maximizing the battery life.)

      The second thing I started doing is “turning off” the apps that aren’t running. If you press the home button on your iDevice twice quickly, it brings up a window along the bottom of the screen showing recent apps. Some of them continue to use up processor cycles–and thus battery power. When you press and hold one of the app icons, they will all start to wiggle and there is the red circle/white line “delete badge” that appears in the upper left corner of the icon. Tapping that badge will remove the app from the recently used list and kill off any power drain it might have had. The first time you do this you may have lots of apps to remove from the list, but after that it’s pretty easy to nuke them all once or twice a day.

      While these things help, I’m guessing we’ll see some battery management tweaks in iOS 6.1 in the not too distant future.

  2. You aren’t alone. The last few days I’ve become hyper-aware of battery charging issues with my iPad. Today, after talking with someone, I realized it’s only happened since iOS6. Like you, I was disgruntled with my web searches as they’ve all been mostly about battery drain. Fingers crossed for quick tweaks.

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      I think the battery charging is going better since I’ve been killing off the apps that I’m not using. Basically, I charge it overnight and it’s good to go in the morning.

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