Life After Death by PowerPoint

While reading a roundup of the MILOFest (Macs In Law Offices) conference, I was led to this presentation by comedian Don McMillan. Everything in it is true. Although I’ve written about the best practices PowerPoint before, the topic is always worth exploring. In fact, I think a few posts about the wrong way to use PowerPoint is just what we need.

Two notes: First, I did not attend MILOFest. I would, but the location is a problem for me. MILOFest is held at Walt Disney World, and I’m not going to my favorite vacation spot to sit in a conference room. I’d end up blowing off every session to spend time in the parks.

Second, it’s been over a month since I posted anything here. There’s a simple explanation: I went to Disney World for a while back in October, and it disrupted a number of good habits (as good vacations occasionally do). I’m getting back into the groove, just slowly. Besides—I could post some drivel every day, but wouldn’t you rather wait for good, worthwhile stuff? 🙂


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