Why I don’t use iPhone or iPad cases—and what I use instead

The mobile device case industry is huge. It’s no surprise to anyone that there are more different cases available than models of iPhone, iPads, iPods, Androids, and everything else combined. A huge percentage of users buy a case at the same time they buy their mobile device.

I joined the small percentage of users about a year or eighteen months ago.


The reason is simple. Apple spends an awful lot of time getting the design of its products just right. The iPhone is as much a work of art as it is a device. So is the iPad. I just can’t bear to cover them up. (One exception: I use a Smart Cover with my third generation iPad because I like being able to cover the screen while I’m carrying it. That way, I don’t get palm prints etc. on the screen.)

Going without a case definitely has its risks. One of those risks is scratches that can appear on the glass of the iPad or iPhone. Those plastic screen protectors don’t work very well, in my view, so I won’t use them. Recently, however, I stumbled across an incredible product: Liquid-Armor, by Dynaflo. I read about this on some blog, and I was inspired to give it a shot. It has been a great experience.

Let’s get to the details. Liquid-Armor claims to use some sort of nano-technology to bind with the glass on your iOS device’s display. This produces a layer of protection over the glass, yet does not diminish the clarity of the display in any fashion.

Putting the Liquid-Armor on is ridiculously simple. The package includes a spray bottle of the solution and a pair of two-sided microfiber cloths (one big, one smaller). You use the light side of the cloth to wipe the screen clean of dust and debris. You use the dark side of the cloth to wipe the screen clean of fingerprints.

When you’re satisfied that the screen is as clean as it’s going to get, you spray the Liquid-Armor on the light side of the cloth and rub it back and forth on the screen for about twenty seconds. Let it sit for ten minutes, and you can use your device. The maker says that Liquid-Armor fully sets up after about 24 hours.

Does Liquid-Armor work? Heck yes. For one, the screen constantly has that smooth, silky feeling of a brand new iPad or iPhone. Fingerprints come off easily. Cleaning is a simple and quick task.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Fine, but what about the armor part of it?” That works too.

The blogger that wrote about Liquid-Armor told how he put the product on an old iPhone and then tested it by trying to scratch the screen with a key. He couldn’t do it.

I was intrigued enough to try this same experiment (although I didn’t do it on my current iPhone or iPad—why take unnecessary risks?). I grabbed an old, dead iPhone, applied the Liquid-Armor, and waited 24 hours. When the time had passed, I chose a key with a sharp point and went at the screen.

Nothing. No scratches appeared. I was not shocked, but I was pleased that this product did exactly what it claimed to do. At that point, I became a customer for life.

Dynaflo reports that a layer of Liquid-Armor will last about six months, so I figure about every three or four months I will apply another treatment. The instructions say that you need two sprays onto the microfiber cloth to completely coat an iPhone, four or five to cover an iPad or other tablet. The spray bottle seems like it will hold fifteen or twenty sprays easily. I was able to coat my iPhone, my iPad, my wife’s iPhone and her iPad without any problem. I think I could probably coat all four devices again with what’s left in the bottle.

A month or two after treating my iOS devices, I don’t perceive any decline in coverage or other problems. The screens feel as silky fresh as when I first applied Liquid-Armor. I can’t say enough good things about this product. (I have no relationship with Dynaflo whatsoever, but if I could sign up as an affiliate I probably would.)

At $24.95 (US), Liquid-Armor is a steal. You can order it directly from the maker, Dynaflo, or through a number of online retailers. The packaging is small enough to make Liquid-Armor a perfect stocking stuffer for the mobile device users in your life.


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