Why Disney is your competition nightmare

“What? Disney? A competition nightmare for my law practice? Give me a break!”

No, I won’t give you a break on this one. Your competition nightmare is not your rival law firm’s best lawyer. It’s not the lawyer down the street. It’s not the lawyer who has the A-list clients. It’s Disney. Or maybe FedEx. Or any number of other service-oriented companies that your clients do business with.

Think about it: we all have experiences where we’ve received great service. We remember those, and we subconsciously (or consciously) compare that great service with other service experiences we have. It might happen when you’re choosing between two restaurants. In one you got great service, the other one gave you mediocre service. Which one are you most likely to go back to?

Clients have similar experiences. They’ve visited a Disney resort, or they’ve used FedEx. While a client isn’t choosing between a lawyer and Disneyland, clients will inevitably compare the service they get from a lawyer to the service they get at a Disney resort.

Over the next several articles, we’ll look at how Disney works its magic to deliver great customer service and how those principles can be applied in the law office.

[What does this have to do with law tech? Not much, but this blog does say it covers “practice hacks,” so I figure this series falls within the blog’s mission. Plus, as some of you know, I’m a huge Disney geek, so I’ll find a way to justify this series.]


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