Three things I learned at ABA TECHSHOW 2013

Now that I’ve had the time to digest the many things I saw and heard at TECHSHOW earlier this month, here’s my list of take-aways.

  1. In jurisdictions with electronic filing systems that use PDFs, lawyers should submit interactive briefs to the court. Hyperlinking to cases or embedding videos can present the client’s case in an effective manner. Ernie Svenson and David Maxfield did a great job showing ways we can make PDF briefs more persuasive.
  2. You can use the Security preferences pane in Mac OS X to display a message when the lock screen appears, such as “If found, please contact…” David Sparks and Larry Staton offered plenty of other good tips in their Mac Power Users seminar. I consider myself to be pretty Mac-savvy, but I picked up quite a few good ideas.
  3. There are good uses for technology in mediation, primarily in the opening statements. Lawyers who blow off the opening statement in mediation are missing a big opportunity. (In my local bar, lawyers seem to eschew the opening statements in a desire to “get it settled quickly.” I’m beginning to doubt that skipping the opening session is at all helpful.) Kudos to Marc Matheney and Randy Juip for an enlightening presentation.

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