Five apps that make life easier

Bay Area lawyer Morgan Smith recently wrote about four iOS apps that make his life easier, and the article got me thinking. (Hat tip to iPhone J.D.) In the past I’ve over-focused on law-related apps without really realizing that non-law-related apps can also make life easier for attorneys. Here are some I use regularly.

  • Intellicast is the best weather app I’ve found. It’s usually the first app I open in the morning so I know what lies ahead for the day. Good data, well presented, and I don’t feel like I have to hunt to find a view I’m looking for (I’m talking to you, Weather Channel app). It’s free, which makes it even nicer. (iPhone version available)
  • Clock Pro HD features all sorts of different clocks: world time zones, alarms, cooking timers, a chess clock, even a metronome and sunrise/sunset and tide times. It costs $2.99 and I use it in place of an alarm clock. (iPhone version available)
  • Feedly with the demise of Google Reader I need something to manage and read my RSS feeds. This does a nice job, is free, and it looks great as well. (iPhone version available)
  • RunKeeper is my exercise-tracking app of choice. Not only does it use the iPhone’s GPS capabilities, it lets me set up specific workouts, use training plans, and more. The fact that it (along with the companion web site) is free is just icing on the cake (that I won’t eat!). (iPhone only)
  • Stativity integrates with RunKeeper (and a couple other exercise apps) to let you geek out about the statistics in your exercise. The people at Stativity were good enough to send me a code for a free copy (otherwise it’s $.99) that I’ve taken way too long to review. RunKeeper does a nice job of letting me see the big picture, but Stativity digs into the deep details to let me see more. I can’t imagine not using Stativity, but that’s because I enjoy looking at the stats (probably more than the exercise itself).

How do the last two make my life easier? The ability to look at my stats and accrued miles helps motivate me to get out and run. I can tell myself all the medical reasons I should do it, but it’s knowing that I’ll add to my numbers and I can look at the new data that gets me out the door. It’s bass ackwards, but it gets the job done.

What apps do you use regularly to make life a little easier? Leave a comment or write a blog post and link back to this one.



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