What’s going on with Third Apple?

It’s time for a confession: I have a relatively short attention span. Maybe interest span is the better term. I’m better off than my four-year-old son (for now at least), but it’s still not what it ought to be.

Third Apple isn’t going anywhere, but it will be shifting its focus somewhat. Apple and technology in the law practice will still be here, but I think this blog will broaden its scope to include more topics that interest me lately. Entertainment law is a big one (since I’ve been teaching in that area since 1996, it apparently holds my attention better than most topics). Technology law is a growing interest (although so far it’s been mostly as an observer while I hope to become more of an active participant). There will even be the occasional “X has me so ticked off that I need to write about it somewhere” post.

So, hang tight as I do a little revamping, rehabbing, and maybe even redecorating.


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