Best case for your iPhone 5/5s?

When I purchased my iPhone 5s back in September, I also purchased the Apple leather case to go with it. The leather case offers a nice, tight fit, and it looks great. After a couple of months, though, I decided that a different case is needed. Usually I don’t think about reviewing things like cases here since there are so many of them on the market. But I’ve found one I’m liking quite a bit.

My basic gripe about the Apple case is that whenever I want to plug my iPhone into something using the headphone jack, it’s more likely than not I’ll have to remove the case. Why? Because the case has a small hole around the headphone jack, and just about anything other than ear buds gets blocked from making a secure fit. The case simply gets in the way. So, I end up leaving the Apple case off.

Now, putting the iPhone 5 in a case is a bit of a struggle for me. The iPhone 5s I have is simply beautiful on its own. You can tell the design team at Apple worked very hard at creating a work of art that happens to be a smart phone. There’s a big part of me that chafes at the idea of putting this beauty in any case at all.

On the other hand, a case is all but mandatory when I consider how easily I can drop the thing. When I consider that my four-year-old son’s dexterity can be worse than mine, I have to resign myself to covering up the gorgeous design. The Apple case appealed to me originally because of its small form factor. It barely adds anything to the iPhone’s dimensions. The problem with this case (aside from the headphone jack issue) is that it offers very little in the way of shock absorption. Indeed, it may offer no protection against drops onto hard surfaces.

Last week I was listening to a podcast, Security Now. The presenter, Steve Gibson, was raving about the iPhone 5 case he settled on. (He also struck a chord with me when he talked about admiring the design of the phone.) I was intrigued enough to go check the case out, and I’m glad I did.

Steve’s recommendation (after going through, he claims, about 50 different cases) is the Incipio DualPro. The case features a hard shell exterior with an interior of silicone. The combination of the two protects the phone from impacts and scratches. The case adds a little bulk to the phone, but not too much. It’s smaller than some of the other rugged cases out there. It’s a nice compromise of the need for protection and the need to keep the device size at a reasonable one.

The Incipio DualPro comes in a variety of colors and color combinations. I went with black on black, but there are enough combinations of fun and serious colors to satisfy most aesthetic interests.

The MSRP on this case is $29.99, but Amazon has them for $14.18 as of this writing [non-affiliate link]. It’s hard to beat that price. The DualPro just might be the best case out there. I’d be interested in hearing from others about their case selections. I won’t go the Steve Gibson route of trying 50-some cases, but I’m always happy to look at better options.


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