It’s happened to me, it will happen to you

It begins with a little bit of odd behavior.

Something doesn’t quite work right. Strange little sounds might be heard.

Hard drive failure. Like death and taxes, you can’t avoid it. 

My external backup drive began acting funny yesterday, all of a sudden disconnecting on its own. Then my Time Machine backup began failing. A quick run of a couple disk utilities revealed the volume couldn’t even be mounted or repaired. An odd little beeping from inside the case was next, which I think was actually the motor doing something that just happened to sound like a beep.

Yeah, this hard drive is going to fail. If it was just something I used to store miscellaneous stuff, I wouldn’t worry about it immediately. But this is my backup drive, partitioned into two volumes (one for Time Machine, one for an overnight mirrored backup). I do not want to let my MacBook Pro go without these backups for too long. So, a quick visit to Amazon gets me ready to put a new drive into service on Monday.

Take advantage of this experience to make sure your backups are working properly. If you’re not backing up your hard drives, you’re asking for trouble. Because your hard drives will fail. Even your backup drives will fail (which is why I also use an online backup service, Crash Plan). You’ll lose your tax documents for the past year. The photos of your kids or grandkids. The photos of that last vacation with your parents before they passed away.

That piece of evidence that is the smoking gun in your client’s case.

They’ll be gone. Unless you have a backup. A redundant backup.

Hard drives and online backup services are cheap. Losing your precious photos or client’s evidence is painful.

There’s no excuse.

Backup your data, and back it up today. Back it up on site and off site so you’re protected against fire, tornado, or a busted pipe.

Do it.


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