Inspirations from #ABATECHSHOW 2014

Now that I’ve had a few days to process the TECHSHOW experience, I’ve come up with a few ideas that I hope to implement quickly.

  • Using Viivo and Dropbox more to facilitate document sharing with clients and opposing counsel.
  • I need to go through my Facebook “likes” to de-like law firms. Since I’m a mediator, I don’t want to be seen as favoring one firm over another. It seems like a minor thing, but Bob Ambrogi is right. No need to look like I’m biased toward some attorneys and firms.
  • I need to make better use of TextExpander for document automation.
  • God help me, I’m migrating to Microsoft Word. While I love Pages (the older version—before Apple “updated” it last year), in the law office environment it’s easier to deal with Word from the start rather than the Pages-to-Word conversion. With Office now available for the iPad, it’s the right move for me. (We’ll see how I feel about this move after a few months.)
  • I’m going to give MyCase a trial for a month.

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