A brief moment of corporate sanity on copyright?

Walt Disney Animation StudiosContent producers can be notorious for using aggressive methods to protect their copyrights and trademarks. Recently, though, one major content producer, Disney, has backed off. With Frozen being a smash success, Disney has not gone after fans making their own cover versions of hit songs or even parodies.

Why the change?

It’s anyone’s guess, but I suspect it has to do with someone at Disney understanding that nothing is gained by making your fans angry. The RIAA’s strategy of suing customers didn’t earn it any friends (or collectible judgments, either).

For now at least, Disney seems to understand that by letting people make their own recordings of “Let It Go,” letting them create Frozen-inspired artwork, and (most of all) letting them express their love for Things Disney, the company will not lose money. If anything, Disney stands to make more money by letting the fans do their thing. After all, Disney has had many hit films, but I cannot think of a single one that resulted in kids and parents standing in line for hours to meet the stars of the film. The synergy created by the fans is as good as gold.

Let’s hope Disney’s lesson spreads to other content providers, and that the corporate sanity stays around for a while.


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