“Reboot yourself”—U2

Blogging is hard work.

Anyone who writes anything—letters, contracts, thank you notes—knows that writing takes time. Writing blog posts also takes time. (The topic of finding time to write is an entirely different matter.)

What makes blogging into hard work is figuring out what to write about. What recent events, latest products, or new apps will be of interest to the readers of this blog?

I take my hat off to guys like Jeff Richardson of iPhone J.D. and David Sparks of MacSparky. They generate great content all the time. They have a gift. Writing their blogs is also fun for them.

In case this post sounds like a farewell, let me say it is definitely not that. I am, however, going to work on “rebooting” this blog and myself. The upcoming holidays are a good time to do that.

See you again in 2015 (unless I find something I absolutely must write about here)!


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