The Nepal earthquake

511pyvWg3YLYears ago I read one of the most gripping books I’ve encountered: Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. The story is a first-person account of the 1996 disaster that claimed a number of lives on Mt. Everest. Krakauer tells the story of how one even gets to the Mt. Everest region in the Kingdom of Nepal. He introduces you to the locals in Kathmandu as well as the sherpas who live in the mountains and earn a living by helping take climbers up and down the mountain.

Candidly, I can’t stand to look at the news any longer. I don’t want to see the death toll climb. The people who have suffered (and continue to suffer) are just a little too real to me because of Krakauer’s book. But I feel obligated to help and ask you to do the same.

Please donate to the American Red Cross’s relief efforts. If you’re not a fan of the ARC, please find some other way to help. The people of Nepal are amazing, and like all people of the world they deserve our help in this time of need.


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