iPad 3 first impressions

Apple’s new iPad 3 is cool.

While I haven’t been able to watch the intro event live, The Unofficial Apple Weblog has an outstanding live blog going—it automatically updates, and photos of the visuals are coming across in what feels like realtime. They’ve done a great job of providing the details from the event quickly.

There are no surprises with the new iPad:

  • Retina display, which means this iPad will have higher definition video than your 1080p HD television.
  • Improved camera, basically the same as the iPhone 4S.
  • Faster processor.
  • Cellular wireless LTE (aka 4G).

These are all significant upgrades. The pricing and models (16/32/64 gigabytes) remain the same. For some people, credit cards will be burning holes in their pockets. The new iPads can be ordered today, and the arrival date in the U.S. is next Friday: March 16. That’s outstanding.

So, the question all three of my readers are asking is whether I will go out and acquire a new iPad. While there is that little part of my soul that is screaming “Shiny! New! Want!” I don’t have any immediate plans to replace my original iPad. Simply put, my iPad does everything I need it to do and does it darn well. I don’t need the camera—I already have that camera in my iPhone 4S (and I love it). Plus, the iPad is a little big to be a carry-everywhere camera. Faster is always nicer, but I have no complaints about the speed on my iPad. The Retina display would be nice, but it’s not a high priority for me. While I watch movies and videos on my iPad, I don’t need the high definition.

But that’s just me, and one iPad owner’s take on the question may be very different from another’s. I suspect for most lawyers, the new iPad may inspire them to jump into the pool, but for those of us who already own the devices, we can probably wait another year.


iPad 3

The word is out: March 7 will be the date when Apple, Inc. will reveal the next iPad, presumably to be called the iPad 3. It sounds like the new iteration of this magical device will sport a higher definition display and a faster processor.

As the user of an original iPad, I’m thinking that this might be the time to upgrade. I have noticed that at times my iPad seems to do things a little more slowly than newer models. It is not a huge bother, though. A nicer display is, well, nice. I don’t know, however, that it would be enough to justify the upgrade. The desire to not be seen toting older technology may be the only justification I can come up with.

Still, we will see what the new specs are and what the new device can do that my iPad can’t. Speed isn’t a huge issue since I do a lot of reading on my iPad—and a faster processor won’t make me read any faster. I don’t need a camera (although doing Face Time on my iPad would be a nice plus) since I have the terrific camera in the iPhone 4S. If there’s something really new, cool and useful, I may find myself unable to resist the urge.

What would you need to see on the iPad 3 to justify purchasing a new one?