Another excellent app for attorneys: Noteshelf

Not too long ago I wrote a review and raved about UPAD as a note taking tool. While I still think UPAD is an excellent app for lawyers (and non-lawyers for that matter), I have another app for your consideration.

Noteshelf may just be the holy grail of note taking apps for the iPad. The handwriting that appears on the “page” is excellent—just as good as UPAD. But what sets Noteshelf apart is its ability to organize notes into notebooks. The notebooks, in turn, can be organized on a virtual shelf. They can also be grouped together to provide another layer of organization. This feature is simple to use and feels as natural as the old file folders to which we techies are trying to bid good riddance.

Another very nice feature of Noteshelf is its simple yet effective wrist protection. While all note taking apps (those that mimic handwriting, anyway) have some form of wrist protection to avoid stray marks, Noteshelf’s is unobtrusive and yet easy to spot. You know right where it is at all times.

Noteshelf also offers the zoom mode that has made Notetaker HD so popular among many users. Noteshelf lacks Notetaker HD’s complexity, however. Although Noteshelf comes with an on-board manual (which you really should read), it is intuitive and easy to use—despite its powerful features.

For pen and ink geeks, Noteshelf comes with 17 different ink colors; there are enough different shades of most ink colors to satisfy anyone’s creative side. Ink is not the only feature with a multitude of options. Notehself boasts a number of different paper styles and notebook covers, with more available for purchase via the app.

Noteshelf does quite a bit more than I’ve described here, and it is worth your time to explore the publisher’s web site for the app. At $4.99 (USD), this app is a steal, and it’s become my go-to app for all my note taking needs.

iPad note taking app smackdown

The Mac Litigator, Peter Summerill, has shared the results of his review and comparison of five note taking apps for the iPad. I had not heard of Noteshelf before, so I will have to look into it.

This is one of the great things about the iPad—we have a whole community of users who like to talk about the iPad and the apps we use, and as a result we all get turned on to new apps that we might have otherwise missed.