Thank you, Steve

When the news broke that Steve Jobs resigned as CEO, I was afraid that this day was fast approaching. I hoped I was wrong, but sadly I was not. Looking back at all the things Steve has done, I have to put him in the pantheon of people like Walt Disney. From the Apple ][ computers that I cut my teeth on, to the Mac, to the Next computer and OS, then iPods, iPhones, and iPads, it’s impossible to give the guy enough credit.

It is said that working for Steve could be hard. He wasn’t afraid to call what you had worked on a piece of sh**. His defenders say it was just Steve’s

way of pushing his people to do what they didn’t realize they were capable of. Either way, Steve’s keen eye for junk meant we don’t have crappy iPhones in our pockets.

I’m saddened that Steve died. While my sympathies are with his family and friends, what saddens me most is that Steve will not be around to see what our world will look like ten years from now. He won’t walk around and enjoy Apple’s future campus in Palo Alto. People like Steve don’t just bring great things to the world, they enjoy watching the world and being a part of the present. Pancreatic cancer cheated Steve out of many things.

There are no good words to close a brief remembrance like this. I only know that it seems the stars in the sky are a little dimmer than normal tonight.