Short reflections on #ABATECHSHOW 2014

What’s the difference between drinking from a firehose and attending ABA TECHSHOW?

At TECHSHOW, you won’t get soaked with water.

Last week I attended my second TECHSHOW. Here are my general thoughts.

  • Overall, the presentations were very good to excellent. In many instances, I found that the presentations weren’t necessarily teaching me anything new, but for those who are not as far along on the learning curve, the sessions were a great resource.
  • The Expo floor was stuffed with all sorts of vendors with products that could be very helpful to lawyers. I didn’t see a lot there that was new to me, but it was good to talk to the folks at MyCase and Viivo. I would have chatted with the folks at Lit Software, but they were constantly swamped.
  • I probably should have been more outgoing and said hello to people I know of via this wonderful thing called the Internet. My inherently introverted nature struck again.
  • If I can make it next year, I will need to hit some of the social gatherings like Beer With Bloggers or the Law and Disorder Party. This year I traveled with my family, so I skipped the social events in order to dine with them and have some fun. It’s one hell of a trade off either way.
  • Harold’s Chicken Shack has the best fried chicken north of Atlanta.
  • Right next door, Warehouse Liquors is a great resource in a gorgeous environment. Thanks to Richard Ferguson for cluing me in.
  • One of the best sessions for me was run by Tom Mighell on how to become a Law Practice Division author. For years now I’ve felt that there is a book author in me working to get out. This brief session might lead to something…who knows?
  • Every jurisdiction needs more judges with the humor and passion of Herbert B. Dixon, Jr. I think I’d subscribe to Judges’ Journal just to read his columns.
  • My social media feeds will become even more unmanageable as I add new people to them.

If I have one substantive critical comment, it would be about the iOS app for the conference. The app requires an active Internet connection to get most stuff, it seems, and with the flaky and inconsistent Internet service in the hotel room, it was a bit annoying. Also, it would be nice to be able to save the downloaded PDF files into another app like PDF Expert without having to jump through hoops. Emailing myself a link, opening the link on a desktop or laptop machine, and then saving to Dropbox is no way to go. 🙂



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